Learning to Share

This is something that most parents have to deal with when it comes to children, and lately I am having to have the kids in my class learn and understand the concept of sharing. The truth is that there are many people that don’t like to share and it starts as children and the environment they grow up in. I personally believe that everyone should learn how to share and it is important to get children involved in the concept as young and possible so that it grows over time.

Picture of a student sharing something to his classmate

There are so many resources out there that parents can use that give them insight on how children learn to share and how to aid the process. Children are notorious at not sharing what they have whether it is food or toys. As normal as it may seem, we should all want children to interact and share with their friends at the park or their brothers and sisters.


My kids are only just now starting to learn the ins and outs of sharing and I have almost gotten used to the fighting and whining that comes with kids having to share and my kids are no different. I believe that kids build a strong bond with one another by sharing and it is also a form of affection that strengthens bonds. There are some times when I really want to get in between them and say something, but I believe it is important –and many studies support me in this belief – that children should not be punished when they do not want to share whatever they have. I find that forcing them to do so only makes them want to share even less. No one wants a stingy child or adult and it is something I am working hard to avoid.

Two kids playing

Then there is the issue that young children definitely are not even sure of what sharing actually is and since they don’t understand this concept, it is really useless trying to get them to do what you want them to do. If you find that your children are not likely to share, you should find the emotions that are involved with this decision and then work from there. When they are playing with other kids, for example, have them take turns on the swings, hitting baseballs with the bat, or choosing what is for lunch. These are actually small ways in which kids will start to learn what sharing is and how it may even make them feel better.


Kids really learn how to share by watching their parents and other adults around them. How can you expect your children to share if you don’t practice it as well? When I am eating small foods, I always share with my kids and then tell them how it pleases me to do so. This is considered one of the building blocks to sharing and will spread to your kids. Sometimes, all it takes are small steps to move children into the right direction.

Small Tool Needed

I have been a DIYer for many years now, and whether it is at home or for other projects, I have accumulated an assortment of tools that make it easier for me to get the job done. Now has come the time for me to get a circular saw to use for an upcoming play at our school. The stage pieces for ‘Night of Fairies’ should be exciting for the young kids in the school and I want to ensure that the stage looks as great as I believe they will perform. As such, I have had to ask scores of colleagues and trusted DIYers near my neighbourhood for information on the best circular saws available on the market today.


One of the first sites was https://bestsaws.reviews/table which gave me a comprehensive list of the best saws you can possibly acquire on the market today. For portable versions, the site bestsaws.reviews gave me a long list of possible choices that I have made note of by the features they offer as well as price points. Did you know there are hybrid version available out there as well. This is a cross between a contractor and cabinet type model and I was shocked at how powerful it was. With that in mind, I added a few more to my shortlist and now I have a good idea of the best ones to invest in. Here are a few of my favorites I came across.


Makita Magnesium

Makita Magnesium

This is considered one of the top choices available on the market today for a number of reasons, many of which you can see from afar. With its intricate design, this circular saw is well-balanced, lightweight, simple to maneuver, and easy to hold for long lengths of time. Users note that it makes great, crisp and clean cuts at any angle you want. The raw speed and power of this model is impressive, and it features an engine that boasts 15 amps to get blade speeds at 5.800rpm, making it easy to make those sharp cuts immediately.


There is also included blade wrench and a spindle lock so that you can change blades safely and rapidly. Clear your work area of sawdust quickly as this device has a dust chute, plus laser guide and 2 LED lights that give you a clear view of the cut line. Cons noted by previous users include only a short 1-year warranty comes with this model, there isn’t a laser guide as an attachment, and the customer service is limited as there are no email addresses to contact for any questions or concerns, and no live-chat support on their website either. But all told, it is still a formidable option to consider.


SKIL 5280-01

SKIL 5280-01

For those that happen to be on a budget and are looking to save some money and still own a powerful tool, the SKIL 5280-01 is versatile enough to use with both arbor-sized and standard-sized blades, which means you can cut effectively through 2 by 4s and even raw tree wood. At just under 9 pounds, it is easily one of the lighter and more compact models that you can invest in. Plus, it is easy to maneuver and handle as you work. The spindle lock holds the shaft in position as you change blades, and what I particularly like about this version is that there is a laser guide you can use to mark your path to generate a straight and smooth cut each time. At 5,300rpm, the saw blade is fast enough to get projects done, and the machine provides superb dust removal.


Cons from previous owners include there isn’t a rip fence or electric brake, and the cord is short at only 6 feet. Bearing that in mind, it is still one of the more capable models out there and comes highly recommended. Anyone that has issues with price should always do a double check to ensure that everything they need is included as there are sometimes attachments that you may need that can be hard to find or pricey to attain. What users note above anything else is that versatility and price points are the most important components to selecting a circular saw that can be depended on for an array of projects. Invest in this model and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Title Two

I am now involved in a new aspect of production as I am now building props for the very first time and using tools I have not so much experience with. One that I need for this new project is a circular saw and I have been shocked at how well I have adapted to using one. I have now decided that it will be much easier to just purchase one and as such, I have been asking friends and colleagues about the best options out on the market today. I was surprised that there were so many brands out there and it has taken a bit of research to come up with a short list of contenders that meet all my prerequisites.

Variety of tools in a store

What I have already found is that circular saws come in handy and are very useful when building something, particularly sets. What I have discovered as a DIY person is that there are lots of small tools that you may need to acquire over time if you hope to get through projects without borrowing from everyone you know. It just makes sense in the long run to just buy everything outright and knowing that you have access to it when you need it.


The ability to use circular saws effectively and safely has turned into an interesting and useful hobby. As an effective and sophisticated instrument, you can use one to build so many products from pieces of artwork to shelves, and so much more. If you are a beginner or novice, circular saws may seem a bit complicated and probably not as comfortable as a jigsaw, but you don’t have to worry about that too much. With a bit of use, you will learn to safely and confidently cut and broaden your skill set.

Cutting a piece of wood picture

But first things first in that you should be able to differentiate a circular saw from other ones. A circular saw comes equipped with a blade and safety guard covering it and is powered with an engine that creates circular motions as you cut and can be divided into sidewinder and also worm-drive saw types. Sidewinders are smaller and come with the motor located just along blades. Because of its significantly smaller size, these saws are not as powerful as larger types of circular saws and therefore not as durable, so if you are searching for one for heavy usage, then a worn-drive saw is the type that saws at a slower pace and gets tougher jobs done with ease.


Be warned that overheating can be an issue with these models since the saw can slow down considerably as it heats up and the blade dulls. This affects cut quality, and more danger could ensue as the blade can potentially kick back and injure you. These are serious issues that you should take into consideration when buying a circular saw, but at the end of the day, it is all about personal preferences and what you are willing to go without as opposed to absolute necessities.